Ashy-19 | The Donnell Rawlings Show Episode #016

It’s Corona bitches! ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ This has never been as important as it is today, dealing with a worldwide pandemic. The only thing realer than COVID-19 is the sincere, honest and lighthearted conversation Donnell has with Michelle Wolf and friends about the Coronavirus. A joke could be to soon, but it could never be too soon for a funny conversation. Let’s do our part. Social Distancing is vital to flatten the curve. In honor of the Donnell Rawlings Show Sweet #016 episode, save $10 when you order the Black Ash Candle. It fights Twerk Wind and probably outlast your quarantine! Use discount code NOTTODAYCORONA before the limited batch sells out. Special thanks to @mfdaviddeery, @jivantaroberts, @hollywoodimprov, @michelleisawolf NEW! Black Ash Candle on SALE NOW at the Donnell Rawlings Store:… ————————————— Check out Donnell’s upcoming tour dates coming to a city near you:… Like, Subscribe & Follow Donnell on: YouTube:… Facebook:… Twitter: Instagram: Website: Hashtag: #donnellrawlings, #thedonnellrawlingsshow, #2soonwithdonnellrawlings, #toosoon



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